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Anna Grosova is an experienced and professionally trained Event Planner, Stylist and Floral Designer expert working in the United Arab Emirates. As a founder of Opulent Vision, Anna works each and every day to showcase her expertise in cutting-edge floral design and production for events located throughout the city of Dubai and the surrounding UAE.
Anna traveled to Russia to complete her formal education and training in wedding floristry and event decoration at the Moscow Flower School in Russia. After completing her training, she set off to Portugal to gain some experience in the industry and put her newfound knowledge and training into practice. Working to design expert and trending floral design exhibitions for weddings, corporate events, and opulent birthday celebrations, Anna developed a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in just how the market for floral design has evolved throughout the last few years.
Currently, Anna works with her company, Opulent Vision, to bring her creative and professional approach to floral design into practice. Fulfilling floral design and event design requirements for weddings, corporate events and galas, birthday parties, and much more, Anna and her team work to provide innovative floristry services for their clients.
In addition, Anna’s love and passion for travel and culture has brought her to various destinations all throughout Europe. She has effectively utilized her travel experience to bring together various approaches to floristry and wedding floral design from around the world into her own practice, while also offering her clients interactive, full-service travel packages where Anna and her team design, plan, and execute a complete destination wedding experience to Portugal.
As an experienced floral designer with a mind for innovation, Anna is constantly evaluating, analyzing, and optimizing her process to ensure that she can truly offer her clients a one-of-a-kind experience. Right now, Anna is pursuing her Diploma in Wedding Planning, Styling, and Design at the Arabian Academy of Wedding & Event Planning.

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