Personal Gifting

Gift Planner

Do you have a friend or family who you want to gift but are unsure of what to give. Leave it to us. 

Do you have a friend or family in India whom you want to gift and need help in organizing. Leave it to us.


Curated, out of the box gift packages tailored to suit your recipient. 

 Whether you want to gift an experience, a vacation, a party or just want to wow your recipient with a collection of gifts, we'll help you do just that by presenting you with unique ideas from which you can choose and get it delivered to you or your recipient.

We take of sourcing, brain-storming, tissue paper fluffing, wrapping, all the way to delivery.

Businesses or



We work with wedding and event planners, businesses, corporations and organizations to handle small scale and large scale gift lists.


We know how important the occasion is to you, and we put in every effort to make it as special as you are. Event favours – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers etc. for any number of guests.


Discuss your interests with us, we’ll find the best gift options for you and set up your registry. Now all you need to do is let the guests know.