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I've heard enough and I'm tired of it all - tired of hearing all that women have sacrificed, tired of hearing how much they do and tired of hearing how much they are unappreciated. If you're like me, you probably even agree but I'm still tired of it.

Life is what you make it after all. So if you feel unappreciated because you are a woman, remember you don't have to do all those stuff. If you feel you're sacrificing too much in the name of being a woman, remember you don't have to make all those sacrifices, if you feel you're doing more than your fair share of things because you are a woman - remember to take care of yourself. The tag of woman is not the reason for you to be doing any of those things at all. Neither your family, nor your work, nor your friends will get the best version of you when you feel you are being taken advantage of.

Now the other side of this is.. sacrifice, do things - do it, not because you are a woman but because that is who you are and who you want to be as a person. Or do it because you enjoy doing those things. Let the burden of cultures and customs go. Take care of yourself, and then bring out the best in everyone who comes your way!

Celebrating women on women's day. Men - your day will come, and we celebrate you too!

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