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6 Reasons why a Gift Registry is an Amazing Idea

1. Avoid unwanted gifts.

Gifts are meant to kept, not to be given away. Gifts are given to bring you joy, not disappointment. So wouldn’t you rather allow your guests to bring you a little happiness, by letting them know what you’d enjoy receiving. Remember those gifts you got which are still hanging around the house - which you’d like to give away because there’s someone you know who’d make better use of it, but you still keep out of guilt. Or remember those five sets of watches you got, because everyone knew you liked it — but hey just because you liked it, doesn’t mean you wanted five of it. The Gift Star’s Registry lets you get the stuff you want from the people who want to give it to you.

2. Plan your future aesthetically

Put together matching furniture, appliances and home décor, imagine the perfect home of your dreams and make it come true with The Gift Star’s Registry. Or put together baby clothes, furniture, accessories, and get ready for your baby’s arrival. The Gift Star works with interior designers to put together complementary furniture and decor for those that are too busy to plan it out, or would like it done by an expert. We also work with vendors like interior designers and wedding planners to set up gift registries.

3. For the Minimalists

When The Gift Star was started, it had the minimalists in mind — those who are intentional about the things that are in their life, and that they surround themselves with. The Gift Star Registry helps you avoid getting things you don’t use or need — leaving you with an uncluttered and simple house. This is the best way to gift a minimalist - else your gift may not have the effect you wanted, but on the contrary it just makes it difficult for them.

4. You get a free Personal Page. Yea that’s right, a page to display your event details, photos and a guestbook.

The Gift Star’s Registry is not just a registry — but you’re all in one event page. We give you space to show an unlimited amount of details. You can share details about all the programs related to your event. Like if you’re having a wedding, you can show reception details, rehearsal, sangeeth, bridal shower, bachelor party, and if you don’t want to show all those details publicly, you can still share all the related photos with your guests after the functions. All the pages are elegantly displayed and sure to wow your guests.

5. The Gift Star also sends out e-invites and thank you cards for a nominal fee.

Apart from the registry and personal page, The Gift Star also offers additional features such as the sending out of e-invites for events, the sending of paperless thank you notes and cards to guests, all for a very nominal fee. You can also see who has bought each of your items on your very own personalized dashboard.

6. Large choice of products

You can choose items either from the carefully curated TGS catalogue or from retailers such as Amazon, Flipkart, Souq etc. TGS has a carefully curated product catalog categorized for different occasions. All you have to do for external retailers is create a wish list on their site and submit the link on the TGS website. So you get your registry configured along with your personal page, photos and guestbook.

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